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Welcome to HVAC 360

Our goal is nothing short of transforming the way that people learn about the HVAC Industry.  For the longest time we have published a podcast by the same name  but now we are looking to branch out into new areas, one at a time.  To make sure that you are not left out of this learning revolution subscribe to my list and be the first to be notified when new content goes online.

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Now that you've added yourself to the list, do any of these interest you:

  • Networking / Mastermind Groups
  • On-Demand Webinars - The way I want them
  • Detail or Sequence Workshops

If so, scroll down for more details.


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Opportunity for Community

The following are ideas for new ways to create a communities around different topics while staying focused on the field of HVAC.  I am willing to put in the time to flush out any or all of these ideas as long as there is enough interest in doing so. Status updates and new ideas are being shared through the newsletter so don't forget to do that first.

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HVAC 360 Mastermind Groups

We are all on our own in this world, or at least that's how it can feel sometimes. I know I've felt that way on more then one occasions.  And whether you work for yourself or in a firm with hundreds of employees getting support and advice can be a challenge.  Wouldn't it be great to have a trusted group of supporters that could help you out on a regular basis? This is what I am hoping this can become.  It is something that I have always wanted, so I know I can't be the only one.  I've heard others talk about the great benefits that they have received from belonging to groups like these, they talk about it as being nothing short of life changing. Who's with me?

On-Demand Webinars - The way I want them.

If you are like me you receive tons of webinar requests on a daily basis, but even if the topic is one that interests you there are usually three problems.  First, does it fit into my calendar? What time zone is it in? This is more often then not a no. Second, maybe there is an on-demand version? 50-50 on this, but if there is then it becomes a hassle to sign-up for that and  sit down and watch it.  Last is the quality.  If you are lucky enough to not have to sit through one that is more or less a glorified sales pitch, then the quality is poor and the meat of the presentation could be condensed into a 5-minute executive summary.  I want to try to do this better, but I want to start with a topic that you want, not what I think you want. Let me show that I can do this better, give me a topic.



Detail or Sequence Workshops

This is an idea that I have borrowed from the architecture side (aka the dark side) and want to see if it could work online for us.  We know that the devil is in the details, but even knowing this, many of us may not produce (or copy) details that won't burn you in the end.  This will be a small group endeavor of five or less people.  The result of which would be turned into a mini-webinar posted for others to view. In the groups we would discuss things like: "Is there anything wrong with the detail?" or "How should it be modified in certain situations?" or "What happens when it is actually built?".  If this sounds like funs, let's give it a try.  Why should the architects be the ones to have all the fun.