ASHRAE Winter Meeting - Day 1

The first day of the meeting on Saturday was very laid back.  Most of my agenda was taken up with dropping in on my technical sub-committee.  These are often smaller groups and offer a great chance to network.  It is often said that the sub-committees are where the action is and I would tend to agree because there is less emphasis on formality and more on productivity.  For those who don't know ASHRAE has a set of technical committees that produce the programs, handbook chapters, research, and standards on a wide range of ASHRAE topics.  You can find a complete listing at the bottom of:

ASHRAE Technical Committees

My tip to you to further your career is to become involved in a technical committee that is relevant to what you do and to get involved involved as a corresponding member.  To do this fill out the appropriate forms and update your ASHRAE bio.  Oh yeah, and if you're not a member, join.  Now you have access to the best that the industry has to offer.  Just remember that experience is not a pre qualification, one basic thing that ASHRAE needs is a set of fresh eyes and ears to look at issues and question the status quo.

To wrap up the first day I caught the tail end of the awards ceremony and the keynote speaker.  I think I'm going talk about the keynote speaker on the podcast but the awards ceremony was very well done.  Great engineers were recognized and made fellows as well as two late members (William Collins and Donald Kroeker) were inducted into the ASHRAE Hall of Fame.