How do I join the ASHRAE Chapter in Nigeria?


This was a question that I had posed to me a few days ago, so I did some digging.  As some background the society of ASHRAE down at a chapter level is grouped into Regions.  There are 13 numbered regions and one Region-At-Large.  This Region-At-Large in general includes: Africa, UK, Ireland, Middle East, Europe and Western Asia, and specifically it includes ASHRAE Chapter #187 Nigeria, located in the city of Lagos.  With no webpage currently available I had two ways of getting the contact information for my friend, namely contacting ASHRAE directly or talking with the Director of the Region-At-Large.  Both ways were very successful and responsive.  So here are some fun facts about the ASHRAE Nigeria Chapter.  It was registered with the Society in 2009 and the Chapter was inaugurated in March 2010 at the Sheraton Hotel, Lagos. As at March 2011, they have 135 members and 18 students.If you need to contact them, their official email address is:

Also another word about joining ASHRAE.  You need not belong to a chapter to belong to this international society of over 50,000 professionals, but upon signing up you will be assigned to the nearest one.  I have always been a strong believer in the networking at a local ASHRAE chapter thought, so I would carefully select a chapter that makes sense to you.  Also there are typically two fees that can be associated with joining a local chapter.  First are the fees that you must pay for the society membership (note that registration and payment can be done conveniently online).  The second fee would be associated with the local chapter to cover operating expenses and possibly meals.  This second fee would need to be paid directly to the chapter when you first sign up (along with any registration paperwork, this varies) but after the first year members may be able to send in all fees to society (although I do not know how that works internationally) but contact your local chapter to make sure.