Net-Zero Ready?

I have been looking at the HVAC industry online recently and have come to the conclusion that companies in our industry are lagging behind that rest of the world when it comes to the technology train.  When I graduated from college I was excited to get involved in the engineering world with all the lastest technology, only to find out that most firms were still drawing on paper (and thats if they wanted designs done fast). 

Things haven't changed much from then, it seems only the largest firms are adopting the BIM way of designing today.  One could pin that blame on the learning curve involved or the cost of the product, but even when designing green buildings today I see many engineers struggling to achieve the basic LEED points.  All I know is that the future is coming at us fast and it won't be long now before net-zero buildings become the design standard. So my question to you is, "Will the world's engineers be ready to design them?"