One tool that I can't be without!

Forget using your phone or those mini-mag lights! Anyone who deals with inspections for a living knows that having a decent flashlight is an absolute must! My requirements are that it can fit comfortably in my pocket and produce a flood of light. I found my Fenix PD32 a number of years back and it does just that. It has a solid feel and heft and at a peak LED output of 900 lumens, it has plenty of output. It also has adjustable brightness so that you can save on battery life.  Speaking of batteries, it runs on two 3-volt lithium batteries which are not the cheapest but the results speak volumes.  One feature I do appreciate is that you know you are running out of juice when the flashlight brightness levels automatically drops, so be sure to carry a couple extra batteries in your pocket and dispose of the old ones properly.   If 900 lumens doesn't satisfy your thirst for power there does exist a 6000 lumen Fenix RC40 , I can't vouch for it but if you are trying to light up a forest this may be your tool. For me I'll stick to my Fenix PD32 , it does just fine.

Matt Nelson